SculptVR for PS VR brings serious creation tools

JC Torres - Jun 18, 2018, 5:03 am CDT
SculptVR for PS VR brings serious creation tools

When it comes to major, non-mobile VR platforms, there are often only two names thrown around: VIVE and Oculus. Less known is an admittedly more restricted VR platform, one that requires you to have a very specific hardware. That is PlayStation VR, PS VR for short, one of the youngest in the market. Its selection of apps has been pretty limited and more on the gaming side. On Tuesday, however, PS VR will get serious with the addition of SculptVR to its short roster.

One of the apps that is credited for helping catapult VR technology to non-gamers and less geeky people was Tilt Brush. The oddly-named app was one of the earliest “3D painting” experiences for the fledgling market and has immediately endeared itself to tech-savvy artists and creatives. Now it’s the PS VR’s turn, but with a different app.

SculptVR has actually been around for quite a while now, previously available on VIVE, SteamVR, and Oculus. As the name so plainly says, it lets you sculpt things in virtual reality, which means being able to more directly manipulate things in 3D. Except, of course, you’ll still be using an awkward wand/stick instead of fingers and hands. Better than a keyboard and mouse though. At least for some.

SculptVR’s launch on the PS VR on 19th June is just as important for the apps as it is for Sony’s VR platform. This marks the third major VR system that the 3D sculpting app is available on, practically making it the cross-platform tool of choice for such creatives. It also puts PS VR in a better light as not just a system for VR games and entertainment but also a platform for content creation as well.

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