SCOTTEVEST unveils Carry-On Coat for the massively geeky

Traveling for the connected geek is a hard thing to do. We tend to carry so many gadgets and electronics with us that it can get to be difficult to pack them all and worry about how safe the gear will be on the flight. I once went through security on the way to CES and the TSA worker operating the x-ray machine said, "Man that's a lot of electronics" and decided to wade through my bag by hand.SCOTTEVEST has a new jacket called the Carry-on coat that has pockets for all manner of gear from your iPhone or MP3 player to pockets for pens, passports, water, keys, personal care stuff, cameras and more. The thing even has pockets on the bottom for shoes and clothing.

The Carry-On coat appears to be a long coat more like a trench. I can see this thing being useful in cold states during the winter. If you walked into an airport wearing this thing during the summer I think you would raise a few eyebrows.