Scottevest Fleece 7.0 has a spot for all your gear

If you're a serious technology fan, odds are you travel with a lot of tech gear. A traveling could be through airports, or maybe it's just around town, but most of us can certainly relate to the fact that you don't always want have to carry a bag with you on the road. Scottevest has been making jackets able to carry all sorts of technology gear and other items for you without looking like a bulky bag for a long time.

The company has a new product called the SeV Fleece Jackets 7.0 is available for pre-order right now. The jacket is set to ship on October 31 and will cost $160. Like all Scottevest products, this fleece jacket will keep you warm, and it's festooned with pockets. It's like a wearable travel bag.

The jacket has 23 different pockets designed to hold various gadgets and other items you need to work or play on the road. This particular jacket also has a pocket that is sized to hold the iPad or other tablets. The pocket is placed for security and better ergonomics to fit a large device. The jacket also has a pocket on the top designed to carry your eyeglasses or sunglasses.

The jacket even comes with a little cleaning rag that has a map on it showing where all the pockets in the jacket are. The sleeves on the jacket are removable and there is a pocket in the lumbar area on the back to hold the sleeves. The jacket also features a pocket specifically designed to hold travel documents such as your passport. That large pocket for tablets can even be used to hold a smaller MacBook Air.