Scotch tape can be used for X-rays

Science never fails to amaze me. Let alone how people figure things like this out. But that's beside the point. Apparently, Scotch tape can be used to develop X-rays. Would've thunk it?  


Apparently, a group of researchers at UCLA created a machine that takes X-rays. However, it uses a roll of Scotch tape for radiation. It sounds too simple to be true, but it is. All this involves is placing the roll of Scotch tape in a vacuum. The tape is peeled back slowly. So, if you put it on your finger and place film behind it. the act of peeling up the tape will take an X-ray!

It seems when the tape is being pulled up, the electrons on the tape hop on over to the sticky side. So, once they hit the tape, the electrons slow way down and release a bunch of energy. This energy is X-rays. This only works in a vacuum, but it's still pretty interesting. X-rays from Scotch tape. Crazy!

[via OhGizmo!]