Scosche whips out new sneakPEEK auto in-car A/V cable for iOS

If you are like most people, you probably have a lot of video content and other stuff on your smartphone. I know I use my iPhone for Netflix and Hulu Plus streaming regularly. I have on more than one occasion wished that I could get that content on a larger screen to make it easier to watch when on the go. If your car has, a screen in it with an input for AV gear Scosche has a new cable you will want.

The cable is called the sneakPEEK auto in-car AV cable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The cable will work with any of those iOS devices with a docking port. The cable will shoot audio and video out to your car and is 9-feet long. That means that you should be able to use the thing in the back seat if the inputs are in the front.

The cable has all-metal barrel connectors, gold plated RCA connectors, and a 10W charging circuit. That charge circuit will charge the iPad. The cable is available right now and will cost you $74.99. This could be the perfect way to shoot Netflix out to your car entertainment system for long summer roadtrips.