Scosche passPORT Home Dock adds iPhone 3G Compatibility to Your iPod Dock

Generally, iPod docking stations do not support charging capability for iPhone 3G, iPod Touch Gen 2, and iPod Nano Gen 4 due to the USB voltage differences; at 5 volt.. Scosche comes up with a converter called passPORT Home Dock, allowing users to charge their iPhone 3G on the iPod docking stations.

The passPORT Home Dock passes through audio, video, and data functionality to the iPod docks, making it fully compatible with the older iPod docking stations. Keep in mind this convertor is not a stand-alone dock and does not add audio/video functions by itself.

It is available now from and for $39.99 and bundled with the dock adapter for Bose SoundDock I. Walmart will also carry the passPORT Home Dock in May.