Scosche iClops iPod/iPad webcam and Optoma Neo-i pico-projector dock incoming

The market for iPhone accessories is huge, but it's also 99-percent full of nasty cases we wouldn't want anywhere near our shiny Apple hardware.  However, glancing through iLounge's preview of 2011 products and two stand out: the provisionally-titled Scosche iClops webcam, which gives camera-free iOS devices a 2.1-megapixel CMOS of their own, and the Optoma Neo-i pico-projector iPhone dock.

The iClops has an autofocus lens, pivoting mount and can take 2.1-megapixel stills or shoot VGA-quality video; it can stream video at 15fps, and has a built-in microphone.  There'll be a companion video recording app in the App Store when the iClops arrives in March 2011 for around $130, though it's not yet clear whether Face Time will be supported.  Scosche also apparently plans to run a competition to name the iClops.

Meanwhile the Optoma Neo-i pico-projector is a desktop iPhone/iPod dock with stereo 8W speakers and a 50 lumens projector on the back capable of 854 x 480 16:9 aspect video.  There's also HDMI, VGA and composite inputs, for using the Neo-i with external sources, together with an audio output and an optional $40 iPad connector kit.  There's also talk of potential battery power, though we won't know for sure until its official debut later this month, priced at around $450.

[via PicoProjector-Info]