Scosche boomBOTTLE H20 and mini rugged speakers rolled out at CES

Scosche has expanded its speaker lineup today at CES with the introduction of the boomBOTTLE H20 and the boomBOTTLE mini rugged Bluetooth speaker units. The former, as you might guess from the name, is a waterproof version of its boomBOTTLE offering, while the mini variety is the same as the original, only in a smaller form factor.Starting with the boomBOTTLE H20, this portable speaker is 1PX7 rated, which means it is waterproof to depths up to one meter — not very deep, but good for those who want to use a speaker poolside without risking it taking a fatal tumble into the water. There's a 50watt 50mm speaker, and the Bluetooth range goes up to 33 feet with a battery life of up to 8 hours.The boomBOTTLE mini, meanwhile, measures in at 2.44-inches tall, making it a very small portable speaker option for those who do a lot of moving around. There's a 3watt 40mm speaker, as well as a rating of IPX4, which means the speaker is weatherproof, but not something you can take into the pool. The range is the same 33 feet, but the battery life is a bit lower at 5 hours of playback.Scosche's Executive Vice President Kas Alves said: "boomBOTTLE was a huge success for our brand. The product was quickly embraced by consumers who enjoy taking their music with them on their adventures. These new models create even more situations to share music with friends and family while delivering the same great sound and toughness as the original."