Scope augmented reality game is too good for kids [Video]

This might look like the eye-level view from a Rovio gone rogue and trying to wipe out your family, but it's actually a concept shot from the new Scope augmented reality game.  The handiwork of Frantz Lasorne, Scope mixes together some of the common elements we've seen in previous AR systems – computer-recognizable glyphs, heads-up displays overlaid across a live view of the surrounding area – and makes it all about shooting toys.

Each of the pieces – which can be LEGO men or other toys – sits on a glyph-covered card, and the gamers wear headsets with webcams mounted to the front.  The view of the game is through that webcam, overlaid with various special effects, status panels and the like; firing a weapon, for instance, is superimposed onto the gaming table.

Right now it's Lasorne's thesis project, but we'd be very surprised if some forward-thinking game or toy company didn't snap it up for a commercial version.  AR is definitely the buzzword of the moment, and the toy industry are chomping at the bit for a way to bring some console magic to standalone toys.

[via DesignBoom]