Scientists investigate neutrino technology for communication through rock

Shane McGlaun - Mar 16, 2012
Scientists investigate neutrino technology for communication through rock

Researchers from the University of Rochester and North Carolina State University have been investigating a new method of communication. The scientists have been studying sending messages using neutrino technology that is able to pass through solid stone. In testing, the researchers have been able to communicate through solid stone at a distance of 780 feet using a neutrino beam.

Neutrinos are described as particles that have very little mass and travel close to the speed of light. Naturally, the message beamed in testing through the 780 foot chunk of rock said “Neutrino” when received on the other side. The technology has significant implications and could possibly allow communication between any two points on earth without having to use satellites or cables.

The military implications for such technology are pretty obvious. Neutrinos are able to penetrate almost any substance they encounter. The tech is particularly appealing for submarine communication use in the military because communicating through water is difficult even with modern technology. The neutrino beam can even be used to communicate with other planets.

[via The State Column]

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