Scientist creates ice cream that changes color when licked

Scientists have done our world a lot of good, and that includes tweaking one of our favorite desserts: ice cream. Spanish scientist Manuel Linares has created a secret ingredient that, when sprinkled on ice cream, causes it to slowly morph in color.

The ice cream is all natural, so there's no need to worry about waking up with a glowing patina the morning after indulging. Called Xamaleon, the ice cream doesn't change color by itself — rather, a secret ingredient the maker calls "love elixir" is put on the ice cream once it has been scooped into the cone.

This substance spurs the ice cream to morph in color due to the temperature and acidity changes that take place when the dessert is licked. Exotic fruits are said to be part of this secret ingredient, giving it a fruity taste.

The invention is in the patent-pending stage, and will eventually be joined by other desserts the maker has in the works. Among these, there's a planned ice cream that morphs in color when exposed to certain lights. If you're craving your own sample, you'll have to head over to Blanes, where the inventor has opened an ice cream shop.

VIA: Geek