Scientifically proven red team beats blue team more often

Well, there's bad news for those on the blue team, turns out you're more likely to lose than the red team. There is actual scientific proof of it, yes, some scientist actually bothered to do a study on this.

The study was published in Cyberpsychology & Behavior. The neuroscientist studied 1,347 matches of Unreal Tournament 2004. His conclusion was that the red team won 55% of the time. He believes that this could be due to the color red is distracting for men. It also could be because men turn a bit red when angry.

Both are odd theories, but the numbers don't lie, no matter what the cause. Epic Games VP Mark Rein acknowledges the research but says there won't be any changes to the colors of the classic Unreal Tournament anytime in the near future.

[via joystiq]