Schnap under-desk hammock is for long days at the office

Rough day at the office? Channel your inner George Costanza with the Schnap, an under-desk hammock that, apparently, makes napping at the office easier than ever. You could just lean your chair back, yes, but that'd be too prone to interruption, and what if you're not allowed to nap at work? With an under-desk hammock, you could use a strategically based jacket and chair to hide your non-working ways.

Schanp stands for "a nap in a snap," and it works exactly as you expect it would: it's a hammock, and you install it on the underside of your desk, assuming your desk is long enough for you to stretch out on your back. It's an interesting — and perhaps uncomfortable — idea for anyone who feels like they live at the office.

Schnap was created by Ontario College of Art and Design University student Aqil Raharjo, and he's now looking for investors interested in helping bring the hammock to market.

Will it ever come to fruition? That's anyone's guess, and of course, it begs the question: is there anyone who's actually interested in sleeping in a hammock underneath their desk? Perhaps a more interesting question is, will the hammock work with a smart desk? It could be the most functional blend of old-school and smart technology to ever reach one's office.

SOURCE: Mashable