Schmidt tips Google tablet incoming

Google's Eric Schmidt gave an interview to an Italian newspaper last week that talked about all sorts of things. The most titillating part for gadget hounds is the little blurb offered that Google would be making a tablet directly in the next six months. This would be a move similar to what Google has done with Nexus smartphones in the past.

The Google Nexus devices were designed by Google and tossed onto the market to show the ultimate blend of hardware and Google software in action. With the slower adoption of most Android tablets compared to the iPad, this move is no surprise. Google could do well with a tablet that has high-end hardware and is tightly and perfectly designed to use Android 4.0.

Schmidt offered up no detail on the tablet plans for Google. All he said was Google was working on the tablet and gave it a six month window. That six-month window lines up with the launch rumors for the next iPad pretty well. It would be interesting to see the new iPad go head to head with a Google direct Android tablet offering.

[via FoxNews]