ScentSciences ScentScape Lets You Smell the Movies You Watch, the Videogames You Play

Evan Selleck - Jan 14, 2011
ScentSciences ScentScape Lets You Smell the Movies You Watch, the Videogames You Play

Immersion is part of what makes movies, and some of the best videogames, so enjoyable. For however long, the audience is taken away from the normal, every day world, and transported somewhere else where, perhaps, anything is possible. That’s why some enjoy 3D so much, because it adds another level of that immersive element. But, 3D can only get you so far. If you really want to get yourself into a movie or videogame, then you’ve got to be able to smell the world around you. That’s where the Scentscape comes in.

The ScentScape is a simple unit that features a Plug-N-Play design from ScentSciences. The machine, coupled with the ScentEditor, will let you synchronize smells to your favorite movies, or your favorite videogames. You just store the scents in cartridges of 20, and you’ll be able to really enjoy your next movie or game. The cartridges are said to be able to last up to 200 hours. ScentSciences will even customize smells for you, as the company does personalized smells as well.

There’s a rocker on the device that will let you increase, or decrease, the level of scent, too.

ScentSciences has given the ScentScape device a $70 price tag, and the ScentEditor editing software is tagged at $20. The device is only compatible with Windows-based PCs: Windows 98, XP or 7, to be exact. If you head over to ScentSciences’ website, you’ll be able to get more detailed information about the device, and even put yourself on a “priority list,” where you’ll be considered more quickly than other folks to get your hands on the newest way to enjoy your movies and videogames.

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