Scan 3D objects from home with the RealView 3D scanner

Scanning pictures has become so common and readily available to the general public that people are doing it at home from their desks. Even some new digital picture frames can scan a photo. What happens when users would like to scan a 3D object and have it modeled on their PC?

Scanning a 3D object use to require certain hookups and would be very time consuming, not to mention taking a huge bite out of your pocket book. Now the RealView 3D scanners are here to bring this technology to the everyday household. This new age device has a rotating platform that spins the object while two cameras scan the surface.

Now you can take your 3D image and import it into any application that you would like to use. RealView creates models that scan in VGA, HD and larger-format resolutions. Being the first in-home 3D scanner we can only imagine this will cost a penny, this may be why there is no pricing yet. Sadly we don't have a release date to provide either.