Scala Rider Q2 For Communication Between Hogs

I love motorcycles and given the chance I'd have or join a motorcycle gang. I've tried to talk my sister into getting a pair of motorcycles for awhile now but she's not interested and always seems to make me feel weird about wanting one. If I were to be part of a motorcycle gang/group/bunch/gaggle, I'd want the Scala Rider Q2 for communicating with my friends/buddies/gang mates.

The downside is that you can only use it to talk with up to three Q2 users at once so you if you have a big crowd you'll have to narrow down your list. It works within a 500 meter range and works with your Bluetooth equipped phone. It has push-to-talk and a full-duplex system and it'll also play your GPS instructions.

It has an FM radio and eight hours of talk time with 10 days standby and takes 3 hours to charge. If you're interested in buying one you'll need to save up $220.

[via engadget]