Saygus V2's 320 GB storage uses 2 microSD slots

Saygus made a rather ambitious gamble last November when it announced its return to the mobile industry with an almost unbelievable smartphone. It seems that the company is trying to make good on that promise, at least with a first run of the Saygus V2, not version 2 but "V-Squared". The smartphone is indeed everything that was rumored to be and more. The device does sport an almost unbelievable 320 GB of storage, but don't be fooled. It's simply the total that you can get with two microSD card slots.

It feels almost like a cheat, but then again, no one really promised a single block of 320 GB memory. The base storage is 64 GB, still higher than the average high-end smartphone, and each microSD card slot can hold up to 128 GB. For RAM, the Saygus V2 is also quite high, with 3 GB inside. The processor is 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon. The 5-inch 1080p screen might sound ordinary by now, but the fact that the phone has light sensors both front and back make for an interesting proposition.

Aside from those high end specs, the Saygus V2 boasts of a few other unique and quite mouth-watering features. The 21 megapixel rear camera isn't the only one with optical image stabilization (OIS) but the front camera as well. More than that, the front camera has 13 megapixels, which selfie lovers will surely love. As promised before, audio is delivered in 3D thanks to Harman Kardon and there are 3 microphones for better noise cancellation. It also features what Saygus is calling the industry's first wireless HD gaming and movie beaming support.

But wait there's more! The Saygus V2 is also built to be tough and yet open. It is housed in hardened Kevlar protective edges with anodized aluminum sides. It has a waterproof rating of IPX7. And yet, interestingly, Saygus is advertising that root access is available, appealing to developers, modders, and tinkerers.

This is one of those "sounds too good to be true" cases, though it seem that Saygus is really intent on getting the V2 out the door. Not that they were probably not intent with the stillborn V1. But this is definitely one smartphone that bears watching and perhaps praise if it will be able to deliver on all its promises. Pre-orders are starting this month with shipping slated for early 2015. No price details have been revealed.

SOURCE: Saygus