Say Goodbye To The 17-Inch iMac

If you're looking for an inexpensive Mac desktop, you're going to have one less choice in the near future. Apple might be dropping the 17-inch iMac from their lineup when they refresh their iMac lineup in June.

They cite the cost of LCD panels as the reason for dropping their lower-end model from the line. According to Apple, the price difference to manufacturer the 17-inch and 20-inch models is too close to even bother with.

The Mac mini will of course remain as the most affordable Mac, but it's a shame to see the 17-inch iMac go. I'm wondering if the 17-inch and 20-inch models cost almost the same to manufacture, will we be seeing a 20-inch iMac for around $1000. Something tells me that we won't.

Death knell tolls for 17-inch iMac [via thinksecret]