Say Goodbye To Dust Bunnies - New Delkin's SensorSafe Wands And Improved SensorVac

If Jay Leno were to J-walking the topic of sensor dust to Digital SLR owners, I wouldn't be surprised to see majority of Digital SLR owners have no clue on sensor dust or how to clean one. Photographers refuse to clean their own sensor for one reason- the fear of scratching the sensor. Most of them do not realize there is a glass filter on top of the sensor; the cleaning solution is not directly applied on sensor surface. At often, a simple blow with Rocket blower would take care of the problem.

There are many sensor cleaning solutions on the market, and Delkin Devices offers one of the most complete packages with both dry and wet solutions. The SensorScope system now features a newer SensorSafe wands and Improved SensorVac with more power suction and ergonomic design. The SensorSafe is designed to fit the three most common sensor sizes in D-SLRs: Large-24mm-full frame, Medium-20mm range, and Small-16mm range.

Both should be in shops come early January 2009 with priced to be announced.

[via imaging-resource]