Save the classics with the Plus Deck Cassette Converter

Having issues letting go of your old cassette tapes? If you are, then I find it a bit strange you are reading a gadget blog, but that is besides the point. Now you can play your cassettes on your computer.

The Plus Deck Cassette Converter allows you to listen to your tapes on you computer. I know some people spent quite a bit of their dough on tapes and now have very little to do with them. Hey who knows, maybe there is a converter for your 8 tracks too, and if there isn't now surely someone will create one eventually. The great thing is that you can put your tunes from your tapes on your computer, so long after that tape becomes unusable your Pink Floyd songs will be safely stored away in your computer.

The converter is priced at $129.95.

Plus Deck Cassette Converter [via Funniest Gadgets]