Save Sliced Fingers - Pyranna packaging cutter

Yesterday, while waiting in my local ER with a video camera to record funny clips to sell to TV networks, a woman approached me carrying two of her fingers in a jumbo tub of ice-cream.  At first I thought she was a rep from Ben & Jerry's with a new, cannibalism-themed flavour, but it turned out that she had merely severed the digits while trying to open some particularly resilient plastic packaging.

Had I known about the Pyranna, a special cutting tool designed to slice open this sort of packaging without doing the same to your precious fingers, I would've suggested it to her.  At $12.95 (including shipping) it's certainly cheaper than health insurance.  However I didn't, so all I could do was film her as she was knocked senseless by a runaway portable X-ray machine.

Pyranna product page [via Office Evolution]