SAVANT unveils new 16-channel multi-room amp called AMP-1640

If you like multiroom audio and need a new amp to power audio in a lot of rooms in your home or office SAVANT has you covered. The company has a new amp called the AMP-1640 that has 16-channels of power and uses efficient class D hardware inside. SAVANT designed the amp to work with its multi-room audio solutions.

The amp is shipping right now and has some really cool features. Each of the 16-channels gets 40W of power and it has RCA photo input jacks and screw terminal speaker connections that can accommodate up to 14-guage standard speaker wire.

The amp has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and at 4 ohms it will put out 50 watts per channel. The amp can be configured for stereo or mono applications and it needs no fan to keep it cool. The amp is not small as you might imagine with 16-channel capability it is a 3U design.