Saturn Titan moon ocean hypothesis strengthens

Scientists now believe more than ever that Saturn's largest moon has an underground ocean. The discovery that presents this latest solid evidence is that Titan has been found to warp during its gravitational tides. This is leading science experts to believe that a large body of water slosed around under its outer shell.

It's long been a hypothesis that Titan, and other moons far in the deep reaches of the solar system, are capable of holding water underneath their surfaces, but the lack of technology makes it impossible to test these theories. There is however a spacecraft called Cassini, which has been in the Saturn area since 2004. It is the primary source in providing new information about the planet and its moons.

"Liquid water elsewhere in the solar system is one of the main goals of planetary exploration for NASA," said study lead author Luciano Iess, a planetary geodesist at Università La Sapienza in Rome. "This discovery points to the fact that many satellites in the outer solar system hide large amounts of liquid water," said planetary geodesis and lead author of the latest study Luciano Iess.

[via MSNBC]