Satoru Iwata says Nintendo Vitality Sensor Coming "Not Too Late" 2010

Nintendo's Wii Motion Plus wasn't the only thing they announced back at E3, and while it may not be on everyone's collective minds anymore, the Vitality Sensor is something Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata is excited for.

During an investor Q&A, Iwata said that "Nintendo would like to deliver the actual product not too late in the next year." While this is by no means an exact date, the release of this peripheral device for the Nintendo console would be Nintendo's only real bet against the rumors of Microsoft's Project Natal, as well as Sony's Motion controls releasing in the Spring of the same year.

And probably the most important part, Iwata commented on the software, stating that the first game will "have a theme of relaxation, which is completely opposite from traditional ones, to enrich the user's lives." He did mention that "measuring how horrified a player is in a horror title" is just another application of the Sensor.

[via Joystiq]