Satellite AR app for Android will help you be sure UARS isn't falling on you

Earlier this week I mentioned that the UARS was falling back to Earth much faster than NASA had expected. Starting today and Tomorrow the satellite will enter the atmosphere and fall to the ground. NASA has no idea where the satellite will hit but they know a bunch of chunks will survive re-entry and hit the ground. The odds on you being hit by one of those chunks are 1 in 3200.

If you are the sky is falling sort and want to know where that satellite is, the Satellite AR app for Android is what you need. The app supposedly tracks the location of the UARS satellite in real-time. It uses the GPS signal on your device as a compass and the augmented reality path of the UARS is placed on the screen when you face the camera in the right direction around you.

It plots the path on the image your camera is seeing so you know where exactly the satellite is headed. I planned to use the app to stand in the path of the satellite and if I survived being clobbered by a satellite chunk, I was going to sue the government and take ownership of NASA. We would have been on Mars by 2015 once I took over. NASA has now ruled out North America as an impact zone, crushing my devious plans chance of success. You can grab the Satellite AR app on the Android Market right now.

[via Android Community]