Satechi Lockdown External SATA HDD Enclosure Keeps Data Safe

A company called Satechi has rolled to a new external HDD enclosure that has a pretty cool security system to protect your data. The enclosure is called the Lockdown and it secures the data with 256-bit hardware password protection. The enclosure also has a USB 3.0 connectivity for hooking to your computer for fast data transfers.

The outside of the enclosure has a capacitive touch keypad and a tiny OLED screen. That little OLED screen has a bar that shows you how much space is left on the HDD inside the enclosure. To access the data on the drive you have to type in the correct password using the keys on the front. The password can be 4-8 characters long. The data on the drive is protected with AES 256-bit security in addition to the security that encrypts the stored password.

Without entering the correct password, the data on the drive isn't accessible even when connected to a computer. The enclosure will support any SATA 3.5-inch HDD up to 9.5mm in height. It ships with the cables needed for connectivity and a carry pouch along with the hardware for mounting your HDD inside. You can get the enclosure now for $99.99 and it supports Mac and PC.