Satechi GoRemote aims to uber-simplify wearables

The folks at Satechi are aiming to release a wearable device so extremely simple, it's impossible to not understand how to use. When the Pebble watch was first introduced, it garnered massive support – not because it had a miraculously colorful display, and not because it was particularly fashionable. The Pebble was successful because it was simple – here Satechi's GoRemote aims to do something similar.

This device works with simple controls – play, pause, stop, next, previous, and pause – as well as a programmable button. All the buttons on this wearable device are programmable, as it were, while the 6th button here sits alongside the main control square.

This device is made to control your smart devices.

The Satechi GoRemote is certainly not aiming to be worn down the fashion runway – it's relatively large, all black, and sort of bulky. With those qualities comes robustness. This device is made to be used while exercising, riding your hardcore mountain bike, or to control your smart devices in whatever odd trip you're on.

This oddity is made at first to connect to iOS devices – it's able to summon Siri, control your iPhone's camera shutter, and control your media. We must expect that it'll also eventually run with Android, but the team does not have immediate plans as such.

This device is being pushed in a Kickstarter at the moment – but even if it does not succeed, the idea makes us wonder: is this the end of the road for wearables, or is it opening up a whole new door? Have a peek at SlashGear's Wearable Hub with full consideration.

VIA: Satechi