Satechi BT Cortana Button lands just in time for Windows 10

One of the big features of Windows 10 that Microsoft has been talking up is the virtual assistant Cortana that will be common across Windows 10 platforms including smartphones and PCs. Satechi has unveiled a product to go along with those Windows 10 devices called the BT Cortana Button. The device is a small black and blue button that users can press to access Cortana without having to turn on the Hey Cortana feature.

With a press of the BT Cortana Button, users will be able to do start Cortana and set meetings, check weather, send txt messages and more without having to touch the smartphone. The Hey Cortana feature drains the battery of your device when enabled because it actively listens to the environment for the user's voice.

The BT Cortana Button is small enough to be attached to a keychain. It can be attached to a steering wheel in your car, but that looks like it would get in the way to me. It mounts to multiple surfaces using a 3M sticker that is included.

Satechi says that the button can be used to activate Cortana to do anything the virtual assistant is able to do, including control lights and door locks in a smart home. BT Cortana Button will launch in August for $22.99.

SOURCE: Satechi