Sapphire ships cheap single link adapter for ATI Eyefinity on HD 5000 series video cards

Sapphire lays claim to the title of world's number one maker of ATI/AMD video cards. The company has a huge catalog of offerings using ATI GPUs that runs the gamut of just about everything that AMD offers in ATI GPUs. Many of the cards in the Radeon 5000 line have support for DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort monitors.

These three outputs mean that one card can support up to three monitors with the right adapters. Most of us can easily convert DVI and VGA ports to other port types when we need to. However, the DisplayPort being a newer connector makes adapters for it more expensive and not as readily available as adapters for the other ports.

Sapphire has announced that it's now shipping a new lower cost adapter that will work on any of its HD 5000 family video cards to turn that DisplayPort adapter into a Single Link DVI port for use with monitors that don't need high resolution. The new adapter supports up to 1920 x 1200, which is up to a 24-inch screen. The adapter will also work with Eyefinity setups at up to 5760 x 1200.