Sapphire outs new X58 mainboard called Pure Black X58

Sapphire has unveiled a new mainboard for high-performance Intel computer systems called the Pure Black X58. The new mainboards is for Intel Core i7 processors and uses the X58 chipset from Intel. The board has the features you expect to find on a high-end mainboard today.

It supports USB 3.0, SATA III, SATA II, has size dual channel DDR3 memory slots, and offers three-second generation PCI Express ports at x16/x8/x8 and a single older format PCI-E port at x4. The board is aimed at overclockers with solid capacitors and the Sapphire patented Diamond Black chokes with coolers that are common on some of the high-end Sapphire video cards.

The board has additional BIOS options for overclocking and to help optimize settings. The board has reset buttons for the BIOS onboard and has signal and voltage test points along with a LED that shows numeric error codes. Sapphire has also announced a board to be called the Pure Black P67 Hydra for supporting the Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. This board also has a Lucid Hydra chip to allow video cards of different brands to be used. Pricing and availability are unannounced on both boards.