Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8 - the waterproof Xacti you've been longing for

This new Xacti is waterproof, to an extent. The thing is, its not some weak extent like you can splash it and probably still be safe, no, you can take this thing up to 1.5 meters deep and hold and use it there for up to an hour.

It has an 8MP CMOS sensor, new "face chaser" technology that even works underwater. It records in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 at up to 60 frames per second at a VGA resolution. You also get a 5x optical zoom so you can get close up to the things you really care about in a photo.

Word is, this camera is almost exactly like the DMX-CA65 but waterproof. Akihabra News said they'd like to see a 16:9 and 720p version in the future, and they just might get it, but only time will tell. No word on price or availability but the guys over at Akihabra said they were only just now even allowed to talk about it, so it could be a while.

[via AkihabraNews]