Sanyo unveils Eneloop Pro and Eneloop Plus batteries

Sanyo has been selling its Eneloop rechargeable batteries for a long time now. The batteries are pretty nice and come in AA size to fit many devices and gadgets you might need to power. Sanyo has announced the addition of a couple new batteries to its Eneloop line that includes the Eneloop Pro and the Eneloop Plus batteries and chargers for both battery lines will be offered as well. The Eneloop Pro battery has a power capacity that is 25% greater than the normal Eneloop offerings.

That means the devices you put the Pro version of the batteries into will last longer than if you crammed a normal Eneloop inside. Sanyo recommends the pro battery for high drain devices like digital cameras, strobe lights or flashlights. The Eneloop Plus battery has an overheat function that helps prevent the batteries from overheating. Overheating of a battery can lead to fire risk so the extra protection is good.

Sanyo will also offer a Wireless Charging Carrying Case to recharge the batteries with no wire that is compatible with the Qi standard. The Eneloop Pro battery will be offered in AA size only and will hit the market on July 21 in Japan. The Eneloop Plus won't hit Japan until December 1. Pricing is 1260 yen for a pair of the Pro batteries and unannounced on the Plus offerings or the wireless charge cases.