Sanyo unveils DMP-P1 and DMP-692 iPod clock radios

Accessories for iPods are certainly plentiful on the market today and one of the most prolific is the iPod clock radio. These are devices you can set at the side of your bed or on your desk to get the time, charge, and play music from your iPod all at once.

Sanyo has unveiled a couple new iPod alarm clocks called the DMP-P1 Cube Alarm Clock Radio and the DMP-692 Dual Dock Music System. The Cube radio will sell for $39.99 and can recharge dockable iPods while playing music. Controls are located on top of the radio and it features BassXpander for improved bass response.

The Dual Dock Music system has dual programmable alarms and can charge two iPods at one time or an iPod and an iPhone. The dock has an integrated rear passive subwoofer and has a standard alarm clock built-in. The device ships with a remote control for fully controlling the dock and the iPod from across the room. The device will sell for $89.99, making it quite a bit cheaper than the dual dock iHome clock radio I talked about last week.