iHome unveils iP88 dual iPod dock alarm clock

I am betting there is more than one home out there with multiple iPods or iPhones that are fighting for the coveted dock space on the bedside alarm clock. If your home is one of these battlegrounds, iHome has a slick new dual dock alarm clock that will force a truce. The product is called the iP88 Dual docking Station for iPhone/iPod.

The iP88 claims to be the first unit that allows users to dock or charge two iPhones at the same time and will charge other dockable iPods as well. Users can wake to a specific playlist from their device, AM/FM radio or a buzzer.

The docking station has Reson8 stereo speakers and an integrated EQ with 3D sound. The alarm clock is available for purchase now for $149.99 online and in major retail outlets. The device also includes a wireless remote and offers eight AM/FM presets.