Sanyo LP-XL40 projector works at a close range

If you remember back to your school days you can likely remember a time where the teacher brought out a projector so that something could be displayed on a pull-down screen. You'll likely also remember that there were usually more than a couple of kids in the middle of the room that had to move their desk to accommodate the projector.

A new projector from Sanyo is aiming to prevent that shuffling of desks. Their new LP-XL40 has the incredible ability to project a picture equivalent to an 80-inch screen from only 3.15 inches away. That makes it possible to mount the projector above the screen where it is out of the way.

Unfortunately, this isn't without its drawbacks. This means that the art of shadow-puppets will no longer be taught in school. Without projectors in the middle of the room, how will children make these wonderful creations with their hands?

For new Sanyo projector, short is better [via crave]