Sanyo in-dash navigation systems sport SSD

Sanyo just announced two new in-dash navigation systems that GPS lovers are sure to appreciate. They are the NVA-GS1609FT and the NVA-GS1409DT and they both actually come with solid-state drives as a part of the package.

Both have LCD touchscreen displays that measure in at 7-inches with 480 x 240 resolutions. As far as the NVA-GS1609FT model goes, you're given 16GB of storage that can be used for storing music you rip from CDs.

You can playback DVDs as well. Both support numerous files including WMA, MP3 and AAC and you can watch live video by means of a 1Seg B-CAS tuner. An SD card slot is also included and you can use your iPod with each system as well. The NVA-GS1609FT is the higher-end model and will be released on June 20th in Japan and sell for the equivalent of $1,740 while the NVA-GS1409DT is set to cost $1,420 when it's released on June 25th, though it'll only contain 8GB of SSD storage.