Sanyo Gorilla GPS gets 1-Seg, SSD and 3D mapping

Sanyo has announced another fiendishly-complicated looking GPS system with an unusual name.  The NV-SD585DT 'Gorilla' has a 5.8-inch touchscreen, 4GB SSD and a 1-Seg digital TV tuner.  There's also an ECO driving mode, as seen recently on Digitalcube's U7 GPS.

The NV-SD585DT uses Sanyo's so-called Gorilla engine, making the most of that wide-aspect display with numerous options of side-by-side directions.  3D mapping is supplied, meaning that intersections are shown from a driver's-eye view, and notable buildings are shown.  Searches can be by both address and phone number.

There's also an FM transmitter, the facility to record 1-Seg shows to the internal memory, weather and traffic data and an SD card slot.  It's expected to launch in Japan on July 18th, price yet to be announced.

[via AVING]