Sanyo develops Industrial's Highest output 600W IC Amp

The thrust for higher power and better sound quality in small digital packages, especially on flat panel displays, has pushed engineers in developing Class D amplifier technology onto a small chip-sized IC. Folks at Sanyo has announced the development of a high performance and efficiency hybrid IC promises to deliver 600 watts of low distortion's Class D digital amplifying.

Digital amp is not a stranger to space-constrained electronic devices; diminutive in size, it also runs cool and doesn't run up your power bills. Manufactures have came out with Class D "Icepower" digital amps that are matching the performance of many audiophile components without the need of giant heatsinks like Class A amplifier. Conveniently, with little twist in driver circuitry, it fits nicely onto a flat panel TVs.

The development of Sanyo digital amp covering a trio of hybrid IC chips with capability to deliver Class D power of 100w, 200w and 300w with dual-channel driven into 8 ohm impendence. The 300w model is said to have 90% power conversion efficiency. The product is also compatible with HD audio playback due to a higher Pulse width modulation carrier frequency of 768khz.

Shipment of engineering samples is said to begin from March 2009. It will cost you 1,000 yen ($10.50) each.