Sanus offers VMA202 soundbar wall mount to match your TV wall mount

Shane McGlaun - Oct 7, 2010
Sanus offers VMA202 soundbar wall mount to match your TV wall mount

Even my mom has a flat screen TV in her home now proving that the tech has thoroughly replaced the big console TV for most people. Many of those folks like to wall mount their flat screen sets as well. That is easy enough to do with all the wall mount options on the market today.

The trick is finding a way to mount up the accessories that go along with your TV like a soundbar and the cable box. Sanus isn’t offering any help for that cable box, but it has announced a new wall mount for a sound bar designed to fit some of its popular TV wall mounts. The soundbar mount is called the VMA202 and will work with soundbar or center channel speakers up to 35 pounds.

The mount has a universal design so it will work with any brand soundbar, as long as the bar doesn’t go over the max weight. Height adjustment allows you to put the soundbar at just the right height below the TV and you can level the sound bar horizontally too. The bar attaches directly to the wall mount for the TV so you don’t need to drill the wall again. You will just want to be sure that the weight capacity for your TV wall mount can support the extra weight of the soundbar and the VMA202 or you could have a serious problem on your hands. The VMA202 is available now for $89.99.

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