Sanus launches new VMA301 iPad adapter mount

Sanus has mounts for just about everything you can think of from computer screens to big flat panel TVs. If you want to hang a display of some sort on the wall, odds are Sanus has the mount you need. The company has announced a cool new mount for the iPad that will let you wall mount the tablet.

The adapter is called the VMA301 and it's simply an iPad holder that looks like a typical snap on case. The difference is that on the back of the case is a VESA 100 x 100 compatible TV wall mount adapter. That means that the iPad holder will attach directly to any brand VESA mount that is 100 x 100 compatible.

The VMA301 is designed to rotate to allow the iPad to be moved to portrait or landscape modes and it securely holds the iPad so you don't have to worry it might fall out of the holder. The mount also has a quick release tab that makes getting the iPad out easy to do when you want to take the tablet with you. Sanus says that the cup-shaped faceplate that allows the screen rotation is only compatible with its MF202, MF209, MF215, MC1A and MD115 wall mounts. The VMA301 sells for about $25.