Sans Digital MN2L NAS sports iTunes support

James Allan Brady - Sep 15, 2007

There are 2 sata drive bays, an a Mac-like design to the device. On top of that there is USB 2.0 support and gigabit Ethernet with FTP support.

Not too terribly big of a deal, but the iTunes support is what tops it all off. I gather that what it does is dupe iTunes into thinking it is actually another entire PC so iTunes will stream music from it.

The diskless version of the MN2L is available right now for $299. They offer versions with various drives in them which drive up the price according to the drive(s) you have installed. It looks nice and all, but unless you are going to make use of the iTunes feature, $299 is a bit steep for an NAS with only two drive bays.

Sans Digital NAS with iTunes Support [via Gizmodo]

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