SanDisk SDC and CompactFlash Extreme IV

We caught up with SanDisk while at CTIA this week, to check out their Service Delivery Cards.  SDCs are pre-loaded custom memory cards, each full of digital content ranging from videos clips, TV shows and music, to games and wallpapers.  SanDisk also whipped out their CompactFlash Extreme IV series storage to try to tempt resident SlashGear photographer Daniel Lim.

While the largest CompactFlash Extreme IV card is currently 16GB with a 45mb/s transfer rate, SanDisk's Tanya Chuang, director of worldwide retail product marketing for high performance imaging, did tell us more was on the way.  While Tanya couldn't give full details, a new design of CompactFlash card is on its way, with SanDisk addressing both capacity and speed.

As for SDC, SanDisk's eventual plan is to fit a smart card web server onto each one, that would use the mobile device's data connection to show up as an intelligent node on the network.  An embedded web server would offer themed HTML pages, content streaming and smart searches.  No word on when we'll see those cards on shelves, but 32GB SDCs are expected sometime this year.