SanDisk Sansa slotMusic PMP Reviewed: Decent but debatable

With only six buttons, an LED and a headphone jack, you could argue that there's really not that much to review about the SanDisk Sansa slotMusic PMP.  Announced yesterday, the music player is designed primarily to use SanDisk's new slotMusic microSD format, 1GB memory cards preloaded with albums; AnythingButiPod have been pressing all six of those buttons in their quest to discover if it's worth your twenty bucks.

Construction is surprisingly durable, with a solid metal body aside from the removable sleeve (which will be offered in various artist-themed versions bundled with the PMP and microSD album for $35).  Controls are limited to play, pause, track skip and volume up/down, and there's no display.  While the Sansa is compatible with up to 16GB microSD cards, the absence of anyway to browse content will probably mean this is one of its lesser-used features. 

Still, sound quality is reasonable and the price is good.  AnythingButiPod's only real dilemma is the slotMusic format itself; whether consumers take to it (which seems unlikely) or not is really going to decide the fate of this Sansa PMP.