SanDisk pSSD P2 and S2 netbook drives now shipping

SanDisk has now made their latest SSDs available for purchase. They're called the pSSD P2 and S2 and they both use nCache technology, which is said to boost random write speeds up to five times over standard hard drives

This is really great news for netbooks that use complete a OS like Ubuntu, over the pared down versions. This new tech is non-volatile and is supposed to reduce the times the SSD stalls out or glitches.

With speeds that are the equivalent of a 9,000 RPM HDD, this drive is built to perform and it's small, too, making it perfect for netbooks. It's also able to withstand extreme temperatures and is shockproof. You can get the pSSD P2 and S2 in several models including 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions.