SanDisk ExtremeFFS makes for faster SSD writes

SanDisk announced today that they have developed a new technology that makes it so solid-state drives can perform faster and more efficiently. The technology is called ExtremeFFS and it uses a method that is page-based.

This means that the data is written and altered where it would be most efficiently placed based on user habits, rather than having the data connected to a particular physical spot. This would improve the performance of SSDs by a lot and even make them more reliable.

But the real kicker here is that random write speeds would be boosted to 100x's the speed of current solid-state drives. And since it won't write in the same spot over and over again, they will be much more reliable and certain flash cells won't wear out due to overuse. It is expected new SanDisk products bearing the ExtremeFFS technology will appear sometime next year.