SanDisk expands portfolio with Extreme II SSD

SanDisk has announced that its portfolio of SSDs is being expanded with three new drives, among them and most notable being the SanDisk Extreme II SSD. As with many of the other devices and hardware we've heard about this evening, SanDisk will be showing off the Extreme II and the other two drives, both of which are OEM offerings, at Computex this week.

SanDisk says that all the SSDs are built with 19 nanometer technology, and all feature the company's flash memory architecture. Zeroing in on the Extreme II SSD, the company hails it as a faster devices that "significantly" speeds up data rates and makes both start up and shutdown faster. SanDisk aims it at gamers, too, saying it makes game loading faster and improves game play.

The Extreme II SSD offers a maximum read rate of 550MB/second and a maximum write speed of 510MB/second, making it faster than the original Extreme SSD. There's also up to 95,000 in random read IOPS, and 78,000 in random write IOPS. This particular unit falls in SanDisk's fourth-generation SSD retail lineup, something that provides a foundation of reliability to customers, says the announcement.

The Extreme II SSD has a lifetime write of 80 terabytes, and is shipped with a 5-year limited warranty when purchased new. The SSD has already been launched and can be nabbed now, with the 120GB version being priced at $129.99, the 240GB version at $229.99, and the 480GB version at $439.99.

Said SanDisk's Kevin Conley: "Today, we again raised the bar by bringing our latest technology innovations to a new generation of SSDs that address the most demanding computing needs. The SanDisk Extreme II SSD, our fastest and most responsive SATA III SSD to date, is a great option for gamers, PC enthusiasts or any consumers who want to get the most from their computing experience. And, we've enhanced two of our most popular OEM SSDs to enable PC makers to push the boundaries of computing even further."