SanDisk and SK Telecom have partnered up to make Mobile TV Recording a reality

James Allan Brady - Feb 11, 2008

In case you didn’t know, there are several other countries where you are able to wirelessly stream the full channel lineup from whatever provider you subscribe to. Up until now recording of that content wasn’t much of a reality due to the fact there wasn’t any way for the networks to secure the content, but now, there is.

Due to a new card that SanDisk and SK Telecom have come up with you can now record mobile TV on this flash card and it is automatically DRM’ed with OMA DRM version 2.0 on SanDisk’s TrustedFlash capable cards. This will allow you to take the content with you regardless of whether you are using the device you recorded it with or not.

Along with this mobile content recording they also plan to apply the technology to other types of distributable content including videos, games, and e-books. Plus, with SK Telecom, the leading Mobile Network Operator in Korea and a major share holder in Helio partnering up with SanDisk the company that is the best at what they do, flash memory, how can you go wrong?

[via BusinessWire]

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