Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time game for consoles and PC detailed

Samurai Jack is returning, but not in the form of a TV show. The animation is wrapped up, but the character lives on in a new game from Adult Swim called Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. The game will be available on PC and all of the major gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Details on the game's availability were released this week alongside a trailer that shows off gameplay and more.Samurai Jack was a Cartoon Network series that launched in 2001 and ran for four seasons before its ending in 2004. Though short-lived, the series was massively popular, prompting fans to lament the lack of a proper conclusion to the show's storyline. Adult Swim brought the series back on its Toonami in 2017 to give it a fifth and final season — and, unfortunately, the conclusion wasn't quite what fans had expected, resulting in a lackluster response.

The new game based on the series — Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time — comes from Adult Swim and focuses on the popular character. The original actors returned to voice their characters, giving the game an extra dose of nostalgia that will be sure to please fans. As well, the game will be available on most platforms.

Starting on August 21, fans will be able to buy the new action game for the PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Very little about the storyline is revealed, with Adult Swim merely stating that the player's 'actions will determine a new legend!' The game will take place 'across time and space,' and as demonstrated in the trailer, it will contain a number of weapons.

Fans will get to visit different locations from the animated show, plus they'll team up with familiar characters like Sir Rothchild and The Scotsman. Samurai Jack will be fighting against his old enemy Aku, but he'll need to unlock various skills along the way to properly defeat his opponents. It's unclear how much the game will cost.