Samsung's weird little kid is back to tease the Galaxy S IV

Remember about a week ago when Samsung teased us with a video featuring a weird little kid (at least that's what we're calling him) with a box? He's back yet again for part deux in Samsung's "Unpacked" teaser video series. This time, the kid takes the box home to get a better look at what's inside, but all we see is still just more glowing.

After getting a peak inside the box at Samsung headquarters, the boy executive takes the box home in anticipation to get a better look at the shiny item that rests inside, but not after being chased down by a love interest and annoyed by his mother who brings him Oreo cookies. Of course, that's where part two ends and we're left with yet another "to be continued."

However, we can only assume that the Galaxy S IV is comfortably nestled inside the box, as that's what seems to be the consensus here, but we'll ultimately have to wait and find out on March 14 to see what Samsung comes up with. Our guess is that we'll see the boy executive on stage with that mysterious white box, where a Samsung exec will pull out the phone to show to all.

Of course, the announcement will come two weeks after Mobile World Congress, one of the world's largest trade shows specifically focusing on mobile devices, but while Samsung made an appearance at the show, announcing a couple new products, they've decided to wait a couple of weeks to announce their flagship product. We'll be there at Samsung's event on Thursday giving you the play-by-play. Stay tuned!